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Life Indoors: Our favourite Audible books and podcasts

By April 3, 2020 Editor's Picks, IN THE MEDIA, INSPIRATION
2nd APR Blog Grid 2

Now is the perfect time to catch up on new literature or expand the mind learning something new. Here is a selection of  our favourite Audible books and podcasts we’ve been listening to recently. Some are very new and others are goody oldies- hopefully, there will be something of interest for everyone!

Audible Books:


Salt path

The Salt Path, by Raynor Winn, Read by Anne Reid

On the occasion that you are feeling a little sorry for yourself, which we are all guilty of doing especially these days, we recommend listening to The Salt Path. A middle aged couple become homeless and decide to walk 630 miles of the South West coastal path. Their story is one of courage and resilience in a time of utter despair. It is an uplifting and positive inspiration to us all at this time and shows the true healing power of nature. The landscape feels like a character in itself and the depictions of nature will leave you planning your own walks along this coastline once we are all able to go out again.

Listen to it here


Tina Fey

Bossy Pants, Tina Fey, Read by Tina Fey

A hilarious telling of comedian Tina Fey’s life to date. With unrelenting wit and self deprecating humour, Fey tells all in a series of essays that jump from her awkwardly funny early years, to weird and wonderful anecdotes from her career on Saturday Night live to her experiences in love and marriage. Read this when you need cheering up and are looking for laugh out loud genius!

 Listen to it here


Long petal

A Long Petal of the Sea, Isabelle Allende. Read by Edoardo Ballerini

A love letter to her native Chile, this historical fiction, tells a story spanning decades as a group flees the Spanish Civil war for Chile on a boat chartered by the poet, Pablo Neruda. We follow along with the characters as they experience the trials of a forced departure from their homes to a life in a new land, where old and new cultures clash. The proof of Allende’s skill is in her masterful depiction of our humanity- describing moments of tenderness, love and connection against such a stark and desperate backdrop.

 Listen to it here



Daring Greatly, Brene Brown. Read by Brene Brown

With worldwide renown, Brene Brown’s books on embracing vulnerability and imperfection are a beam of light for our times. With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment, listening to her explain the need to be courageous is so apt for this difficult period we are going through. It can be easy to hide from our emotions, or feel shame when feeling anxiety and worry, especially when others may seem much worse off. However, listening to this book, Brene Brown tells us in her reassuring Texan drawl, that nothing is more human than to be ‘all up in your feelings’ and by daring to communicate where we are at, we become more open to an infinite power to feel empathy for others and to be gentle with ourselves.

 Listen to it here



Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle. Read by Stephen Fry

When a great classic of literature like Sherlock Holmes is paired with the excellent Stephen Fry’s rich and mellow narration you have a truly exquisite pairing. Fry brings Holmes and Watson to life in all their essence and we highly recommend this book to both the devout Sherlock Holmes fans and also to those dabbling for the first time into the books. Either way it is a treat to follow along this classic British detective story.

 Listen to it here




This american life

This American Life

If you are new to the world of podcasts, then we recommend podcast Hall of Fame, This American Life. Each week the podcast brings a range of stories around a certain theme from politics, history, comedy to our favourite, the everyday human experience. It is in this last area that the podcast really shines when a very normal and seemingly not that interesting topic can take up a life of its own and pull you under its spell. It is the very normal element of the storyline that often has the biggest draw, making it so relatable and fun to listen to.  This is an easy podcast to become addicted to!

Listen to it here



The Alarmist

As we live through our own crisis, some among us may wish to fulfill a dark, morbid desire to learn more about catastrophes through the centuries (as evident by the huge rise in viewings of disaster related shows on Netflix) Enter, The Alarmist. A podcast that looks at disasters and catastrophes through a lighthearted, comedic lens, as they happened through the years and tries to pinpoint the cause and who might be to blame. Told with lashes of humour, this is the perfect listening when things are all getting a bit overwhelming and too serious.

Listen to it here 



Australian Birth Stories

This one may be a surprise choice, but there is so much of interest on this podcast that is relevant far beyond mums to be. Hosted by the gentle and soothing voice of Sophie Walker, each week she invites a guest to speak about her experience of pregnancy and birth.  Far from the typical scenes of birth in movies, the episodes delve into the very different journeys that women have in bringing life into the world.   Part educational (you will leave armed with a suitcase of birth related trivia),  but also part inspirational.  Aside from the obvious physical aspect of birth, the podcast explores the mental fortitude that women display as they venture into birth and the relationships that they depend on to get through this life altering event. It is fascinating and empowering listen but also a testament to human will and spirit.

 Listen to it here



Desert Island Discs

This one is a British treasure with episodes going back on Radio 4 since, 1942.  The premise is simple, each week guests are castaway to a Desert island and they must choose 8 songs, a book and a luxury item to take with them. Since the show became a podcast, we have the opportunity to dive into the archive, listening as guests from a variety of backgrounds from politics to theatre, science and philosophy, discuss their lives and the music which has shaped them. Despite lots of episodes to listen, the true magic of the show is its ability to continue to remain fresh and engaging every time!

Listen to it here 



Teacher’s Pet

If you love a true crime story, then this is the one for you! The series follows the disappearance of a woman in Australia in 1982, whose husband seems more and more suspicious as time passes (his young lover for instance moves into the family home right after the disappearance!). The storytelling unfolds in an enthralling way, as episode by episode new information pertaining to the case is appearing in real time (from the audience no less) that brings more twists and turns to the case. A captivating one to listen to!

 Listen to it here


This post is part of a Les 100 Ciels blog series titled, Life Indoors. Each week we will be posting on a range of topics to inspire you as you carry on your life from indoors. With the Covid-19 virus spreading around the world, the vast majority of us will be living vastly quieter lives and it is clear that now more than ever before, the importance of focusing on our shared humanity and community is integral. We are committed to continue to engage and support our community. If there is any topic you’d like us to write about, do get in touch and we’ll include it on our blog if we can. With love, The Les 100 Ciels Team

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Life Indoors: Self Care

By March 27, 2020 INSPIRATION
25th MAR Self Care 2

Have you ever heard the advice on an aeroplane to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others? This advice is a good example of the fundamentals of Self Care. A far cry from self indulgence and narcissism, self care is in fact a sure fire way to ensure you are well enough in yourself to freely give others the time and energy that they deserve. It is also less about something you have to do and more about a way of life. The days ahead of self quarantine, welcome a unique opportunity to put self care into practice. What self care looks like is a personal expression of what you need in your daily life to thrive. It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved ones and a combination of practices which involve the mind, body and soul. Here are some suggestions for ways to self care that you may be missing in your life.

sleep 1

Get your zzzzs

Sleep is one of the most important ways to take care of the body. It is easy to fall into unhealthy sleep patterns when spending days and nights indoors. Staying up very late and getting little sleep, or sleeping for a number of hours during the day can have a negative impact on the body, such as sleep deprivation, insomnia and a host of illnesses linked to a lack of sleep. In bestselling book, Why we sleep, Matthew Walker explains how our circadian rhythm (our internal body clock, following the 24 hour cycle of night and day) differs from person to person and the importance of working with your body to get the rest you need. With many people shuttered indoors for the next few weeks, there is a unique opportunity to tap into your own rhythm and understand how your body works. With a better understanding of your body’s needs for rest and activity, you can have a lasting positive impact on your physical and mental health.


Yoga with car


Exercise goes hand in hand with sleep and can improve the mood and ensure the body works optimally. While everyone’s exercise needs differ based on their lifestyle and body, taking some form of activity everyday is a good idea for all of us. If you are new to exercising at home, it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision of what exercise to do.  There are so many options online, how do you choose? Cardio or strength training, yoga or aerobics? This can work as a mental block to exercising. We recommend trying out a different form of exercise for just 10 minutes everyday. Once you have a feel for a few forms of exercise, you can hone in on one that you like and tailor a weekly exercise plan to suit you. It also helps a lot to workout with someone in your household or take advantage of technology and virtually meet with a friend. If you’re not sure where to look, here are some suggestions for social media channels to try. Some of them are hosting live public sessions that you can join, if you miss going to group activity sessions.  

Yoga: Youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene

Dance aerobics: Instagram, @Forward_Space

 Strength Training/Cardio: Instagram, @basecampfitness


Stay Present

There is a lot of worrying happening in the world right now.  It is so easy for thoughts to spin off into the past or project anxieties into the future.  Mindfulness meditation is a simple way to ground yourself in the present. Many find the prospect of meditating daunting, but you can try the simple act of sitting quietly and concentrating on your breathing. Follow your breath in and out to draw your mind to what is happening in the moment. Another way to be more present, is to try to tune in 100% to the task at hand. For example, taking a shower or preparing a meal. Instead of multi-tasking or spending the entire time thinking about what else you have to do, focus on the activity at hand. Take in the sights, sounds, sensations, and smells of the moment. This is a wonderful practice to slow your thoughts right down, relieve stress and bring a sense of stillness.

Suggested sites for more inspiration:

Instagram: @inscape

Apps: Headspace


Eat Well

By consciously watching what you eat you are caring for yourself from the inside out, ensuring you stay healthy and ward off illness. Aim to consume a variety of nutritious foods from different food groups in your day. Don’t stress if present circumstances mean that you can’t shop for your optimum ingredients. There are tons of recipes available online to try out so take this opportunity to be creative and try out some new meal ideas. If you are looking for recipes, here are a few accounts that we follow:

Instagram: The Minimalist Baker @minimalbaker

Jamie Oliver’s Youtube channel is dedicated to eating well during the coronavirus pandemic


Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself does not strictly mean a manicure or giving yourself an at home spa session (although we love those things and do recommend them!). Pampering yourself in a broader sense, simply means doing more of what makes you happy. If this is curling up and reading a book, watching a rerun of your favourite TV show, taking a bath or even re-organising your wardrobe – do it. Reserve a slot of time when you can take some time for yourself, even if its just for five minutes.

Here are some of our favourite pampering ideas:
1. At home Face Scrubs
2.Take on a DIY project. There are lots of ideas for projects on instagram profile @ABeautifulMess 

3. Watch some stand up comedy. We love Amy Schumer’s Netflix special
4. Keep a Journal. Here is some lovely stationery from Nappa Dori
5. Share your love of books and join an online Book Club like Page Turners

Line in the sand

Set boundaries

If you struggle to say no or are you are concerned you are overstretching yourself, then you need to set better boundaries for yourself. This could be about any area of your life from work, friends, family and even exercise and food. Good boundaries are there to ensure we keep ourselves ticking over in a steady and secure way.  If you are wondering how to go about setting boundaries, you’re not alone and we could write a whole blogpost on this topic (let us know in the comments section if you are interested in this).
A good place to start is to become more self aware and trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. It’s that simple. Once you establish what your boundaries are, it will take some practice for you to master being clear about them with those around you and even with yourself. It can be difficult to say no, but ultimately those who care about you will respect your needs if calmly and respectfully explained. Lastly, accept that you won’t always get it right, but every attempt at living within your boundaries takes you a step closer to a more balanced and positive life. 

We hope you find these ideas useful. What are your acts of self care?  Comment below or on our social media channels to let us know what you do to take care of yourself or what you thought of the ideas above. We’re all in this together and it is through sharing more with our community that we will find new ways of coping and coming out on the other side of this unprecedented time in a better space. Be well! 


This post is part of a Les 100 Ciels blog series titled, Life Indoors. Each week we will be posting on a range of topics to inspire you as you carry on your life from indoors. With the Covid-19 virus spreading around the world, the vast majority of us will be living vastly quieter lives and it is clear that now more than ever before, the importance of focusing on our shared humanity and community is integral. We are committed to continue to engage and support our community. If there is any topic you’d like us to write about, do get in touch and we’ll include it on our blog if we can. With love, The Les 100 Ciels Team

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Life Indoors: How to survive working from home

By March 20, 2020 INSPIRATION
Blog 2

We are living through strange times at the moment. With the Covid-19 virus spreading around the world, the vast majority of us will be staying indoors for the next few weeks.  It is clear that now more than ever before, the importance of focusing on our shared humanity and community is integral and  at Les 100 Ciels, we are committed to continue to engage and support you, our community.

With this in mind, from today we will start a blog series titled Life Indoors. Each week we will be writing blogposts to inspire you as you carry on your life from indoors, with topics ranging from how to tackle boredom, to home study,  self care and ideas on meals with limited ingredients.

In today’s post, we’re looking at an issue which will affect a large proportion of us: how to work from home.

If you are feeling demotivated and anxious about how you can continue to work from home, we’ve got a range of tips on how you can tackle this. We hope these tools will help you maintain your  productivity and perhaps welcome new skills and creativity.


If you have the space, set aside a designated area to work from home. This works two-fold to get you into the frame of mind to come into the space and tune your mind to work. It will also mean you have an area where you can spread out, take work calls with privacy and hopefully not have as many distractions from children.


Schedule in video or phone calls with your colleagues to discuss work matters through tools such as Skype or Zoom. Although many topics are easy to be discussed by email, sometimes having a friendly call with your colleagues is just the thing to help feel really engaged and connected to your work life.  The interaction will also do wonders to boost morale and keep you motivated to complete work projects.


Struggling to feel motivated? Why not try a Productivity tool such as the Pomodoro technique. This technique is based on setting a timer to do 25 minute stints of work called a Pomodoro followed by a 5 minute break. After completing four pomodoros, you take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. The idea is based on working for short stretches of time that are much easier to commit to especially in a home environment where you lose a lot of your normal structure to your day. We recommend the Flora app that follows the Pomodoro technique but rewards you with a virtual garden as you successfully complete blocks of concentration.


Take regular breaks for exercise- it is very important for your physical and mental well being.  There are thousands of exercise routines to follow on YouTube ranging from relaxing yoga sessions to heart racing HITT activities. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be something for all tastes.


Get some fresh air. Yes you may not be able to leave the house, but perhaps you can stroll around your garden or at the very least,  open a window, stick your head out and take  slow, deep breaths of fresh air. It really helps with resetting your mood and brain if you are feeling a bit sleepy or restless.


Make use of that commute time. We’ve all wished at one point or another that we had a few extra hours in the day as we rush to get off to work. Re-purpose that commuting time for creating a relaxing ritual to mark the hours before and after your start work from home. Perhaps you could use it to write in a journal or meditate. It is an excellent way to separate periods of work from leisure and try to have more balance at home. You could also use the time for things you wish you had more time to do, for example a DIY project or reading.


A note on working from home with kids. For many stuck indoors, the biggest challenge will be how to juggle childcare and home study with the demands of work.. There is enough to cover on this topic alone for an entire blog post, but here’s our top tips to making this work taking into consideration that all situations are a little different. First things first, give yourself a break. This is an adjustment for everyone and it won’t all fall into place from day one. Be ready to amend your plan and be flexible with yourself and your family until you find a rhythm that works for your particular family circumstances. Secondly, try to find a routine that suita your family. Children respond well to having structure, so organise your day into chunks of time where you can work while they have screen time or do a physical play activity when they are most full of energy. Lastly, be upfront with colleagues about the struggles you are facing at home with juggling the kids with work. Being real and honest, instead of trying to create an air of having it all under control will gain you more understanding and support and make life easier all around.

How are you handling working from home? Perhaps you love it and are thinking of making it a permanent change. Or maybe you can’t bear it. We’d love to hear how you are doing and what are some of your tips to working from home?

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Spring Trends: The hottest fashion trends for Spring

By March 5, 2020 Uncategorized
5th MAR Blogpost grid 2 2

With Spring just round the corner, you may be itching to start pulling out your warmer weather wardrobe. If you’re wondering what will be taking the highstreets by storm this Spring, then take a look at our round up of some of the hot trends that you’ll be sure to find in stores this month. Whether you are ahead of the trends or can’t really get on-board, we always suggest to take this as a source of inspiration but embrace your personal style and wear whatever makes you feel happy and positive!


1. Crochet

Long considered a defining characteristic of the 70s or the doilies that graced your grandmother’s sideboard, crochet has seen a massive revival and has returned in a fresh, new way. There is no doubt that the intricate crochet patterns seen on the runways is both skillful and highly creative. Worn in modern cuts, the crochet look screams sun and warmth. Lets hope the weather gets the memo!

Crochet dress


2. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are back and this time in a chic, business casual way. These shorts were all over the runways and are set to explode on to our streets especially when the warm weather amps up. If you like this look but worry about the length shortening your legs, consider wearing with heels to elongate the leg or a strappy sandal to draw the eye. One thing for sure is this is one of the more comfortable trends to have appeared this season!


Bermuda Shorts

3. Tiers

For women who want drama in their wardrobes, this is the perfect trend. Tiered dresses and skirts will be big for Spring and Summer and add a feminine and bold feel to the wearer. You can go all out with bold tiers or wear more subtle ones paired with plimsolls for a more casual look.

Molly Goddard - Runway - LFW September 2019

4. Whimsical white

White is a perennial favourite for the summer months and this year is no exception. This Spring it is all about keeping the white dress simple yet having a bold element to the look. White dresses were also seen with distinct accessories to really make the look individual and unique. We love white for summers so we’ll definitely be sporting this trend!

Christian Dior : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020

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Spring Playlist: The best tracks to listen to this Spring

5th MAR Blogpost grid 2 1

This month, Spring finally arrives and to celebrate the arrival of some warmer weather, we bring you our Spring Playlist, full of tracks that will bring a little joy to your day. We’ve concentrated on female musicians to commemorate International Womens’ Day on March 8th. Enjoy listening and let us know in the comments section below any of your recommendations!


1. Cranes in the Sky, Solange

2. Oblivion, Grimes

3. Everybody Says Don’t- Barbara Streisand Back to Broadway

4.Take me Higher, Diana Ross

5. Tightrope, Janelle Monae, Big Boi

6. New Soul, Yael Naim

7. Walkin on Sunshine, Katrina & The Waves

8. I wanna dance with somebody, Whitney Houston

9. Light on, Maggie Rogers

10. I say a little prayer, Aretha Franklin

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A Day in the life of a Les 100 Ciels Designer

7th FEB Les 100 Ciels Designer 2Blog

Les 100 Ciels designer Dizar Angel

A common misconception about fashion designers is that their days are spent languidly dreaming up inspiration for collections and sketching new designs. In fact, this is only a small part of a designer’s role. Fashion designers are often working across multiple seasons, ensuring that all is well with the current Spring/ Summer collection while designing a collection for the Autumn/ Winter season and keeping an eye on trends and looking for inspiration for the Spring/ Summer season a year ahead. It’s a lot to juggle and often not the glamourous life that many envision when they think of the fashion industry. So what exactly does an average day look like for a fashion designer? This week we take you behind the scenes to experience a typical day in the life of Les 100 Ciels designer, Dizar Angel.

Designer at work

9am: Dizar starts her day reviewing fabric and yarn swatches that have arrived from our factory. She needs to give feedback today to confirm her designs can be made into samples using her chosen qualities.

11am: Meets with the marketing team to give suggestions and feedback on a Summer photoshoot planned for the end of February.

12:30pm: Lunch break! Dizar makes a sandwich and pops out for some fresh air and browses the local shops.


Top view of magazine and sweater   Fabric swatches

1:30pm: Dizar received a box of samples the day before that need a final review before being produced for the High Summer collection. She checks the styles on a model and makes a note of any final tweaks or fit comments that are needed before the styles can be produced for stores.

2:45pm: Chat with the graphic designer who has started working on prints for the Autumn/Winter 20 collection. This is often a process that goes back and forth a few times until the print is just right.

4:00pm: Dizar gets a playlist going and starts working on a moodboard for the Spring/ Summer 2021 collection. She prefers a bit of music to get her into the frame of mind to do her sketches.

5:30pm Dizar sends off a few more emails to catch the factory in the morning (they are 8 hours ahead of us) and its time to head home for the day!


Is this how you imagined a designer’s life? Do you have questions for Dizar? Let us know in the comments section below.





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