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A Day in the life of a Les 100 Ciels Designer

7th FEB Les 100 Ciels Designer 2Blog

Les 100 Ciels designer Dizar Angel

A common misconception about fashion designers is that their days are spent languidly dreaming up inspiration for collections and sketching new designs. In fact, this is only a small part of a designer’s role. Fashion designers are often working across multiple seasons, ensuring that all is well with the current Spring/ Summer collection while designing a collection for the Autumn/ Winter season and keeping an eye on trends and looking for inspiration for the Spring/ Summer season a year ahead. It’s a lot to juggle and often not the glamourous life that many envision when they think of the fashion industry. So what exactly does an average day look like for a fashion designer? This week we take you behind the scenes to experience a typical day in the life of Les 100 Ciels designer, Dizar Angel.

Designer at work

9am: Dizar starts her day reviewing fabric and yarn swatches that have arrived from our factory. She needs to give feedback today to confirm her designs can be made into samples using her chosen qualities.

11am: Meets with the marketing team to give suggestions and feedback on a Summer photoshoot planned for the end of February.

12:30pm: Lunch break! Dizar makes a sandwich and pops out for some fresh air and browses the local shops.


Top view of magazine and sweater   Fabric swatches

1:30pm: Dizar received a box of samples the day before that need a final review before being produced for the High Summer collection. She checks the styles on a model and makes a note of any final tweaks or fit comments that are needed before the styles can be produced for stores.

2:45pm: Chat with the graphic designer who has started working on prints for the Autumn/Winter 20 collection. This is often a process that goes back and forth a few times until the print is just right.

4:00pm: Dizar gets a playlist going and starts working on a moodboard for the Spring/ Summer 2021 collection. She prefers a bit of music to get her into the frame of mind to do her sketches.

5:30pm Dizar sends off a few more emails to catch the factory in the morning (they are 8 hours ahead of us) and its time to head home for the day!


Is this how you imagined a designer’s life? Do you have questions for Dizar? Let us know in the comments section below.





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A Tour of South Molton Street

By January 31, 2020 FASHION, INSPIRATION, Travel
31st JAN A tour of South Molton Street 2

Last year, we moved to the lovely South Molton Street and ever since, we have been busy exploring the shops and eateries in our new area and we have found some gems! The street is as central in London as any one person could get and is very convenient to get to as it runs diagonally from Bond Street tube station straight into Mayfair. Being a stone’s throw away from the bustle of Oxford Street’s shopping mecca you are very close to all the action, and so it is surprising and refreshing that the street has a laid-back and relaxed feel to it.  The street is wide and pedestrianised and lined with a mix of independent businesses with lots of surprises for all. Read on to discover what we have found so far in our forays down our street.

south molton stores

After leaving the bustle of Oxford street, you may be in need of a sit down for a coffee and pastry, and Caffe Concerto is just the place for a rest either sitting on the terrace or watching passersby from the comforts of the cosy interior. There is a nice buzz to the place and a large menu to choose from including delicious, vegan options. After recharging your batteries perhaps you will be ready for a wander around the shops on South Molton and where better to start than Space NK Apothecary. With all your much coveted beauty products available and a lot more to discover, there is nothing quite like a visit to this place. You can book in for a private consultation to really tailor your beauty regime to your own needs.

Feeling in need of a little sparkle? Cross the pedestrianised street to no 14 and stop in at hugely popular jewellery brand, Monica Vinander to treat yourself to something special from their latest collection or if you’re looking for a present, take advantage of their complimentary engraving service in store. A warning though, a visit here can leave you truly hooked on their beautiful range. After this, why not nip into Happy Socks, which have such an array of  colourful socks that the store itself gives off a bright and joyful energy while still seeming really hip and trendy. We have popped into this store and purchased a few pairs already to add a fun touch to our ankles and it really lifts the spirits on these cold, winter days. Definitely worth a browse!

If you are in need of a little grooming, head over to Sassoon and get a a haircut in this legendary hair salon founded by Vidal Sassoon in the 60s. The team here are highly experienced and you can have a cut or colour and leave in style! Why don’t you top off your new pretty locks with a visit to Prima Lashes and get some enviable falsies at their store. Experts in eyelash extensions, this store is always booming with clientele so we’ll definitely be booking in to try them out.

We’ll check back in and update you with more locations as we try them! Let us know if you have any suggestions for places to go on the street. If you are in the neighbourhood, do come in and say hello, our new store, Les 100 Ciels is located at No 20 South Molton Street- we’d love to introduce you to our collection of soft cashmere clothing and lots more to try. Happy exploring!

SMS Shop

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The History of Cashmere

By November 5, 2019 FASHION, IN THE MEDIA, INSPIRATION, Travel

Cashmere has a long history going back many hundreds of years. The origins of this natural fibre comes from the cold, mountainous regions of China, Mongolia, India, Turkey and Afghanistan. For centuries, local people sought the hircus goats for the fibres of their coats that were long, silky soft and warm to help the animals survive the harsh conditions of winter. The fibres were combed off the goats and made into blankets that were prized for their superb warming ability. Early written accounts in the 15th century, describe the high quality of fibre from the kashmir goats of the Kashmir region. Thus the name Kashmir stuck and for many years Kashmir yarn was traded within the region.

Fast forward to the 18th century and the rise of the Imperial powers. Traders brought kashmir items back along the Silk Road from China to Europe and the Americas bringing much excitement. Initially kashmir was available exclusively to royalty and the elite members of society. It was considered the height of luxury and cashmere shawls or ‘pashminas’ particularly were a symbol of status and the pinnacle of a fashionable aristocratic woman. Even Napoleon was reputed to gift his wife Empress Josephine pashminas leading to a large and famous collection of pashminas.

The story of cashmere was advanced considerably, when in the 19th century interest by European manufacturers turned to creating mechanisms that could replicate the production of cashmere fibres into yarn as was witnessed in the East. Areas such as Scotland became powerhouses of cashmere production and a new era for cashmere was born. Cashmere rapidly gained popularity, particularly the cashmere sweater and twin set, sweater and cardigan- items that everyone wanted to have and show off. This would have perhaps continued, however popularity began to dwindle during the 1980s when cashmere was appropriated by high end designer brands who marketed cashmere as a luxury, highly expensive quality only accessible to the ultra wealthy.

In the last 15 years, cashmere has seen yet another shift, appearing on the high street for much lower prices. The proliferation of cashmere has meant a renewed increase in popularity, however mass production has also meant it is difficult to ascertain quality. There are now many brands claiming to sell cashmere, however the product is in reality a blend of cashmere and other fibres to achieve an inexpensive product or a lower grade, short haired cashmere item.

It is clear that cashmere has had many twists and turns in its history and it is hard to say what will be the next chapter for this yarn especially with the rise of mass production of the quality. What do you think? Do you own any cashmere? We are probably a bit biased here at Les 100 Ciels, but we do believe there isn’t anything quite like 100% pure cashmere-it is so soft and comforting to the touch and its warming qualities are undeniable- it is truly something to cherish..

Want to learn more about cashmere quality? Read more about this exquisite yarn here.


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Winter Style

By October 25, 2019 FASHION, INSPIRATION

Sometimes when the weather is grey and freezing cold, the last thing on your mind is looking fashionable. It may seems a better idea to stay indoors hiding under a blanket and if you have to go out, you contemplate taking the blanket with you! Winter style doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. We’ve got a few tips to see you through the winter months looking your best.


Our number one tip is to invest in warm  jumpers. With the arrival of fast fashion, lots of cute and cheap styles are available but while they might be nice to look at, they probably won’t last the winter and they definitely won’t help keep off the winter chill. Instead, invest in high quality fibres which are known to be warming like wool and cashmere. These are made of long natural fibres which work to retain the heat close to the body. We also recommend going for some classic colours such as grey, navy or black. These can act as the foundation of your wardrobe and be easily matched with other items of clothing.

Long John Parade

Our next tip is thermals. You would be forgiven if thermals bring to mind 1940s men wearing longjohns- not the most attractive thought! But it’s fair to say that thermal garments have come a long way and new technology means there are lots of great options on the market. They can be worn as tights or a worn under a chunky jumper for a layered look. Thermals also come in lots of colours so you can add a pop of colour to your look while keeping very warm. Yay!


Probably one of the easiest ways to look fashionable without making much effort is investing in outerwear. The options are plenty- from puffer jackets to trench coats, coatigans (yes, that’s a real thing! It’s a mix of a cardigan and a coat),and there are plenty of long and short coats in unique cuts to suit all women. The key is to think about your lifestyle and your particular style. If you work in a corporate environment, a good choice for you might be a longline, classic coat that can be versatile but still look smart for formal occasions. However if you spend a lot of time outdoors you probably will be looking for something that’s more waterproof and warming!



Next up, footwear. The lack of weather appropriate footwear is the downfall to many fashionable women. There is nothing as horrible as looking fabulous but having soaking wet and freezing feet- a reality for a lot of women in UK. We believe there is sweet balance to be found with a fashionable shoe that also works practically for your needs. A knee high boot is stylish and can elevate an outfit, but so can a patent brogue. It all depends on the weather where you live and your taste! Having a few pairs of shoes to choose from is a good idea to mix and match your looks.



Finally accessories are your best friend in the winter. When you are bundled up from head to toe, sometimes an accessory is just the thing to lift an entire outfit. We take the term accessory to have a broad meaning covering jewellery to hat, scarves, belts, bags, even an umbrella. Try a few ideas out and don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Have you get any tips for fabulous winter style? Let us know in the comments section below.



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Autumn Winter 2019 Fashion Trends

By August 23, 2019 Editor's Picks, FASHION, IN THE MEDIA, INSPIRATION

As we near the end of summer, it’s that time when we start thinking about the arrival of the new season and inevitably our wardrobe. Today we’re highlighting some of the most exciting fashion trends for the Autumn/ Winter 2019 period so you’ll be ready and in the know once the season begins!

utilty 2

1. Utilitywear

Yes , it is back again! Utility wear is one of those trends that comes back again and again. It is reminder that you can never go wrong with some utility inspired clothing in your wardrobe. For the coming season, try the trend in a neutral palette such as head to toe tones of brown and beige or go for the statement utility wear jacket or coat that you will last for years to come.


florals 2


2. Floral Noir

Florals, a summer favourite, have been appropriated for the colder months this season. All florals will be big this coming season, but unlike summer flowers, the trend leans towards a brooding, romantic style- think deepest-red roses stumbled upon in a forgotten garden in the dead of night. We love this trend as there is lots of room to transition from the summer months.


3. Neon Brights

If you thought that neon bright colours were for the hot summer months you’d be wrong! This autumn/ winter we will be seeing neons in all shades and we’re pretty sure you will be seeing some head to toe neon looks prowling the streets day or night! If you love the idea, but it all seems a bit too much, consider adding just a pop of neon to your wardrobe. Neon shoes, accessories or trim details on your clothing are the perfect nod to a season trend without the fear of being mistaken for a road sign!

metallics 1

4. Luminescent

Metallics were all over the runways, especially in gold and silver tones. They appeared in full metallic looks or sparkling separates. Metallics can add that extra texture and brightness to your outfit and is much easier than you would think to go from day to night. Pair an iridescent faux collar on a simple grey sweater and you’ve instantly vamped up your look.  You can also go big with the trend and wear contrasting metallics for a bold, statement look.

suiting 1

5. Sharp Suiting

This season, the revival of tailoring is back and here to stay. From menswear inspired suits to waist cinching, slim and trim designs, there’s a lot of variety built into the trend. Choose your favourite and get the look! If you’re tired of wearing same old suits, why not try wearing a silhouette you’ve never worn before or add  your own unique touches, such as extreme shoulder pads (also a trend this season) or details like brooches or embroidery.


What trends do you love? Whether you love all of them or just a few, the trick with fashion trends is to just have fun with them. Don’t take it all too seriously and remember to make it your own. In the end, there is nothing quite like personal style to outlast any fashion trend!


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Style icons through the decades


Over the years, there have been a few key female figures who have firmly held the title- style icon. These women were true trailblazers in fashion during their times, setting trends and creating movements. The true marker of a style icon is their lasting inspiration to women of all ages and periods. We have selected a few of our favourite style icons over the decades.


Katherine Hepburn 1930s

An actress who shunned the press in favour of staying out of the spotlight, Katherine Hepburn was the original wearer of androgynous clothing. While her peers wore sequins, curve hugging clothing, Hepburn chose wide leg trousers and loose, crisp shirts. Her style was one of comfort and practicality and fashion houses followed her embrace of traditional menswear with designs for the modern woman. Her style is still referenced year on year on fashion catwalks around the world.


Ava Gardner 1940s

An actress renowned for her beauty, Ava Gardner lit up television screens effortlessly. She was famous for making the neckerchief popular as well as the belted waist for a cinched in look. Her style was all about the glamour of Hollywood and her dresses and love of blue hues were immortalised in fashion history.



Audrey Hepburn 1950s

Perhaps the epitome of a style icon is Audrey Hepburn. Actor and celebrity fashionista, her simple and classic style burst on to the scene in the 1950s and since then she has continued her legacy as a symbol of classic, elegant style.


Jackie Kennedy 1960s

The wife of an American president, Jackie Kennedy became a fashion icon with her feminine and poised looks. Her two piece suits became the rage at the time as well as carefully coiffed hair and dark sunglasses. Her style was mimicked across the United States and spread around the world in popularity.



Jane Birkin 1970s

A French model and singer who the world was enamoured with, Jane Birkin became famous for her cool, off duty dressing. It was a simple and effortless sense of style that was truly a diversion from the 70s flower power era and for this it was refreshing and alluring look for the period. Her classic jeans and a white tshirt have continued their legacy into present day.





Madonna 1980s

One of the most controversial style icons is Madonna, singer and actress who challenged norms and always caused a stir!
From conical bras to patent leather boots and controversial references to Catholicism, Madonna has influenced trends and made huge statements in the fashion arena like no one else!



Kate Moss 1990s

Model Kate Moss defined the 1990s with her pared down and minimalist style. Her thin frame was the perfect base for the simple slips, leather jackets and tailored blazers.  She is as much a style icon today as she was in this period with many looks coming back into circulation!



Sarah Jessica Parker 2000s

SJP had a number of fashion titles under her belt in the 80s and 90s, but in the 2000s she truly shot to stardom with the Sex and the City tv series. Her on-screen character had an addiction to fashion and a shockingly large shoe collection which mirrored the real life woman’s love of fashion. Her style embraced experimentation, the mixing of textures and colours all with a strong feminine streak running through it.

The jury is still out on who will be our favourite style icon of the 2010s. In an era of social media with platforms like Instagram, we have so many more sources of inspiration for fashion and style. We’ll be back with a closer look at our current favourite style icons soon.

Who are your favourites?

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