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In Wool We Trust | Campaign for wool

To mark the global Campaign for Wool, we would like to show our commitment to natural fibres, particularly wool. Read on to learn why wool is a good choice for you, the environment and the fashion industry. Wool is a fibre that comes from the fleece of sheep. Providing warmth, comfort and durability, wool is also a natural and renewable resource for clothing manufacturing. Wool fibres have tiny air pockets that keep you warm in winter and cool in summer by absorbing or releasing moisture in the air. Wool is also easy to clean and resistant to stains. A natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Wool has a complex makeup, naturally cleaning the air we breathe around us. Wool has a high nitrogen content making it naturally fire resistant. Shearing sheep is a vital part of animal care. As wool continuously grows, fleeces can become uncomfortable for sheep especially in warmer weather. Why do we use wool? Wool fibres come from a renewable resource and are not man-made and so do not exhaust precious resources in our environment. Wool is an amazing yarn for creating new designs. A durable and high quality fibre, wool keeps its shape so your jumpers can look their best for years to come.   Where does our wool come from? Our wool is sourced from Australian sheep farms, ...
by Les 100 Ciels Team on October 11, 2016

what to wear to work this autumn

Shop our selection of contemporary work wear pieces and update your office style for the autumn winter season. Shop Neo asymmetric skirt here! Shop Francia shirt dress here! Shop Ada coat here! Shop Penelope cashmere jumper here!  Shop Zhala wool dress here! Shop Pascoe trousers here! Shop Noelle ribbed roll neck here!
by Les 100 Ciels Team on September 20, 2016