A Day in the life of a Les 100 Ciels Designer

by Les 100 Ciels Team on February 13, 2020



A common misconception about fashion designers is that their days are spent languidly dreaming up inspiration for collections and sketching new designs. In fact, this is only a small part of a designer’s role. Fashion designers are often working across multiple seasons, ensuring that all is well with the current Spring/ Summer collection while designing a collection for the Autumn/ Winter season and keeping an eye on trends and looking for inspiration for the Spring/ Summer season a year ahead. It’s a lot to juggle and often not the glamourous life that many envision when they think of the fashion industry. So what exactly does an average day look like for a fashion designer? This week we take you behind the scenes to experience a typical day in the life of Les 100 Ciels designer, Dizar Angel.

Designer working

9am: Dizar starts her day reviewing fabric and yarn swatches that have arrived from our factory. She needs to give feedback today to confirm her designs can be made into samples using her chosen qualities.

11am: Meets with the marketing team to give suggestions and feedback on a Summer photoshoot planned for the end of February.

12:30pm: Lunch break! Dizar makes a sandwich and pops out for some fresh air and browses the local shops.


   fabric swatches

1:30pm: Dizar received a box of samples the day before that need a final review before being produced for the High Summer collection. She checks the styles on a model and makes a note of any final tweaks or fit comments that are needed before the styles can be produced for stores.

2:45pm: Chat with the graphic designer who has started working on prints for the Autumn/Winter 20 collection. This is often a process that goes back and forth a few times until the print is just right.

4:00pm: Dizar gets a playlist going and starts working on a moodboard for the Spring/ Summer 2021 collection. She prefers a bit of music to get her into the frame of mind to do her sketches.

5:30pm Dizar sends off a few more emails to catch the factory in the morning (they are 8 hours ahead of us) and its time to head home for the day!


Is this how you imagined a designer’s life? Do you have questions for Dizar? Let us know in the comments section below.






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