We are a designed-led brand that epitomises elegant design and showcases luxurious cashmere at the heart of every collection.

We prioritise both beauty and ethical production, crafting essential wardrobe pieces that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. Our designs fuse timeless silhouettes with modern flair, offering a versatile range for both men and women.

We oversee every aspect of our craft internally, from sourcing raw yarn at our Inner Mongolian goat farm to creative design and production in our dedicated factory. This ensures uncompromising quality and artisanal excellence in every piece.


We focus on cashmere, sourced from our own goat farms where we hand-brush them each spring to obtain the finest fibres for our collection. Our goats’ welfare is paramount, ensuring their health and well-being.

We select only the longest and finest fibres for our cashmere collection, guaranteeing the highest quality yarn

In addition to cashmere, our collection features natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk and linen. We innovate by developing new yarns and fabrics including synthetic blends, to advance in creating regenerated or recycled textiles for our clothing.


Our dedicated design team excels in transforming exquisite cashmere into stunning garments, highlighting its finest qualities. Our cashmere styles predominately feature 100% pure cashmere, ranging from jumpers to T-shirts, skirts, trousers, cardigans and outerwear.

Our designs prioritise comfort, blending timeless elegance with essential versatility to seamlessly complement any wardrobe. We are devoted to crafting styles that seamlessly integrate into our lives, never imposing upon them.

Our dedicated design team, well-versed in cashmere, excels at transforming this exquisite yarn into stunning garments that accentuate its finest attributes.

Our designs are comfortable, occasionally daring, yet consistently essential, timeless, and effortlessly complement any wardrobe. We are dedicated to crafting styles that seamlessly integrate into both men's and women's lives, never imposing upon them.


We manufacture our products in-house, eliminating middlemen and allowing us full control over the production process. This hands-on approach ensures meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship.

By sourcing cashmere from our goat farms and producing our collections in-house, we streamline costs. We price our cashmere competitively, often below industry averages for premium-grade cashmere, enabling you to access high-quality garments at reasonable prices.