How to Upcycle

by Les 100 Ciels Team on May 30, 2021

In our efforts to be a more environmentally friendly brand, the Les 100 Ciels team have developed a strong interest in upcycling- both in the workplace and at home. If you have heard the popular slogan, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle you may have wondered how to make these changes into realities in your own life. Upcycling is all about letting your creativity flow and you don't have to worry as you can choose a range of projects from simple to more complex ones. The choice is yours! Here are our tips on how to get started!


1. The first thing to do is get inspired. If you're wanting ideas, then a search online is your best bet. Pinterest and a google search for Upcycling or Do-It-Yourself projects overflow with projects that you can take on.

2. Perhaps you have a pile of items at home that are heading for the bin and you would prefer to utilise them for some new purpose. Search for the item together with the word Upcycle/ Alternative uses and you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the internet is full of ideas for you to turn into a reality! 

3. Another good idea is to get out and take inspiration from the lives around you. A walk around your neighbourhood or a visit to a local farm or park is often full of other people's projects that you can get ideas from.

4. Start small. Taking on a small and manageable project will mean you are more likely to enjoy the process and complete it than a large, complex one which might leave you disheartened and lead to you giving up half way through

5. Match a project to your skills. If you know you're going to need to know how to use a sewing machine for example, but you've never used one before- its probably better to choose a project that more closely aligns with your existing skills. Or if you are determined to undertake it, enlist the help of a friend with the skills you are lacking.

6. Spend some time working out your design in as much detail as possible. This will save you time and avoid unnecessary mistakes half way through.

7. Gather all the materials and tools you need beforehand to ensure your project can move along smoothly and steadily. Go for it! Half the fun is in the trying!

Share your Upcycle projects with us! We'd love to see what you create! 


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