Life Indoors: How to take care of your plants

by Les 100 Ciels Team on April 10, 2020


This week at the end of a team catch up meeting on Zoom, the conversation turned to how to bring the outdoors into our homes. Quite a few of us at Les 100 Ciels live in apartments with no garden or private outdoor space. Lots of ideas got tossed around but there was a consensus that house plants were a great way to bring calming nature into the home. So on today’s blog, we share with you tips from our staff on caring for your plants to create your very own indoor garden, (if you can’t go out to the plants, bring them in!). Read on to learn some top tips to keeping your indoor plants looking lush and beautiful.



Megan’s Tips

Do research on each of your house plants and make sure you understand the needs of the particular plant as each is different. Some plants need lots of light, while others need indirect sun but lots of water. You may also want research your plants if you have pets or small children as some species can be toxic if touched or ingested. Armed with this knowledge you will be best equipped for caring for what each plant require and you can place less kid or pet friendly plants well out of reach. Finally, although tempting while spending so much time at home, resist the urge to overwater your plants!


 house plants


Alicia’s Tips

I believe as you take care of your plants, they also take care of you. For me a big part of how much joy I get out of my plants is how they are displayed. Every plant has its own unique foliage pattern that can be displayed to show its best qualities. I’ve placed my ivy on a bookshelf where its trailing lengths make a beautiful cascade down the side.  I also think its nice to create clusters of plants, this creates a peaceful, relaxing mini oasis in the house. You could build a plant shelf  or choose one area where you display a number of plants together at different heights. Be creative with your plant pots- lots of items around the house can make attractive plant pots such as mugs, bowls and even old plastic bottles and containers. There is nothing that a little DIY won’t fix!



Lexy’s Tips

I have followed a care routine for my plants for years and all my plants have continued to flourish in this time. My routine is etched into my home life much the same as doing laundry and taking out the garbage. To me this is key to having indoor plants. Every week, water all your plants, prune away any dead leaves or flowers (I do this quickly by hand) and turn the pot once to ensure that all parts of the plant get exposed to the sun. Once a month, add a tiny bit of fertiliser to the watering can so the plants get a top up of any nutrients they need. That’s it!



 aerial plant in water

Harriet’s Tips

My number one tip is dont be afraid to repot and propagate plants! It is such a simple way to make your indoor plants stretch even further. Plants will eventually outgrow their pots and if you want them to keep growing bigger and bushier, then you need to repot them. A telltale sign that it is time to repot a plant is if the roots are sticking out the bottom or the leaves are yellowing. Aim to gently move your plant into a pot that is 2 inches larger than the previous one.  Propagating plants is basically about making new plants from an existing one. The process to propagate varies depending on the plant. For example, basil can grow ‘new roots if a stem is snipped and placed in water while other plants will need you to remove a section of root and replant this. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and you can fill your house with plants!


plants on ladder


Bryn’s Tips

I only had 1 small plant in my house when we went into lockdown, so my tip is less about taking care of plants and more about how to get plants to take care of! I recommend buying succulents if you are a little unsure of your plant caring skills. They are strong, require little watering and come in many varieties. I had a look online for sites that were selling plants. Th were lots of options on and I ended up buying an asparagus fern and an aloe vera plant from . They arrived green and healthy and have been a welcome addition to my home ever since. I’m a proud plant mama now and caring for my plants and just admiring them, brings a lovely calming moment into my life, especially at this time when there is so much uncertainty and worry with the coronavirus.


We really hope these tips will be useful in your own plant care journey! Do send us your own tips if you have any, we’d love to read them! 


This post is part of a Les 100 Ciels blog series titled, Life Indoors. Each week we will be posting on a range of topics to inspire you as you carry on your life from indoors. With the Covid-19 virus spreading around the world, the vast majority of us will be living vastly quieter lives and it is clear that now more than ever before, the importance of focusing on our shared humanity and community is integral. We are committed to continue to engage and support our community. If there is any topic you’d like us to write about, do get in touch and we’ll include it on our blog if we can. With love, The Les 100 Ciels Team


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