Mood Enhancers

by Les 100 Ciels Team on February 19, 2021

We all have those days.. we're tired, or overworked or just low for no good reason. On these days, it can be easy to chide yourself to 'snap out of it,' which often times is counter productive. This week, the Les 100 Ciels Team are suggesting their favourite mood enhancers when in need of a little pick-me-up. Mood enhancers are a very personal thing- but perhaps these will help you if in need of some inspiration!


Evermore candles. 
Candles in general can immediately lift any space and that warm, soft glow is so calming. I have a ritual of lighting a candle around 6pm and it acts like a marker- shifting my day from any stresses of the day into a time for relaxation in my evening. I bought three of the Evermore scented candles when Les 100 Ciels first collaborated with this candle maker and I've become a firm believer in the power of candles and scent to improve your energy and mood. 
Char, Marketing

Yoga stretches
I set an alarm that goes off 4 times during my work day as a reminder to step away from my desk and stretch. My yoga mat is right under the living room window so I can take some deep breaths of fresh air while I do some basic yoga stretches. Nothing strenuous, just some cat-cow stretches for loosening up my back or I'll do three sets of sun salutations to get my blood pumping a bit. I'm a completely self taught yoga student. I learnt through Covid times using Yoga with Adrienne's YouTube page
Betty, Customer Service

The Robi scarf.
This is one of my most treasured possessions in winter. Perhaps I never grew out of that phase where little girls had a favourite blankey and this is my adult version! I wear the Robi scarf in and out of the house all the time. Sometimes I even lay it over my duvet in bed at night for that extra layer of warmth and the comfort and softness of pure cashmere at my fingertips. 
Ella, Design Team

Tea Ceremony
I used to be the ultimate coffee addict- but in the last year I have swapped my afternoon coffee for tea and I'm all the better for it. I've been using loose leaf tea instead of tea bags and making myself a pot of tea. The act of preparing the tea and then pouring from the teapot forces me to slow down and consider what I'm doing a bit more. By the time I've actually started sipping my tea it's like I've pressed reset on my day and I start back at work refreshed. Try Thés Lac Rose's Frida tea composed of Green Tea, White tea, raspberry, mallow and violet for something a bit special and know you are supporting a small business while you're at it!
Brynneth, Ecommerce




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