Mother's Day at Home

by Les 100 Ciels Team on March 04, 2021

This year Mother's Day may look very different for many of us with the pandemic lockdowns in place. With all the usual eateries and activities not available, it can be hard to think how to celebrate the day. However, being at home doesn't have to mean we can't make the day special for the mothers in our lives. Here's a few ideas to make it a day to remember- even at home. 


Afternoon Cream Tea
We may not be able to take our mothers out for an afternoon high tea, but there's no reason they can't have that experience at home. Bake your own scones and prepare a selection of her favourite sandwiches. Dust off the fancy China for this special occasion and set the table lovingly. Give your mother the beautiful afternoon tea experience she deserves. If you're not up for baking- you can always buy whatever delicious goodies you need!



Games Afternoon

An afternoon of lighthearted fun might be just the thing for your Mum for Mother's Day. Get out your favourite games and enjoy the pleasure of playing together.
If you're aren't able to be together: A virtual games event can be just as much or even more enjoyable, especially if you are able to get a few people together at the event. A quick google search will bring up a number of game ideas that can all be easily played online through weblinks. We love Online Bingo, Group Jigsaw, Charades and Scavengers. We suggest choosing one person who will be the Games coordinator and one Points Keeper to help things run smoothly. 


Spoil her with a Goodies Hamper

Prepare a hamper with all their most loved goodies. If the weather and lockdown restrictions permit, perhaps you can take the hamper out to a local park for a picnic! 
Can't be together? Drop off your hamper for Mum to enjoy indoors or in the garden. And if you aren't unsure what to get in the hamper, there are a number of websites which sell readymade hampers to enjoy.


Flowers/ Plant Subscription
What's better than sending your Mum flowers? Sending her a subscription to receive flowers long after Mother's Day has been and gone. A lovely surprise that comes every month will be like receiving a regular hug from you! Bloom and Wild and Appleyard Flowers do great, affordable subscriptions. If your Mum prefers plants there are lots of Gardener's subscriptions that mean you can send plants, packets of seeds or even gardening tools and pots every month. 

 Les 100 Ciels Gifts or Gift vouchers
Give your mother a bit of luxury. Spoil her with a soft and cosy cashmere jumper that she will treasure. Les 100 Ciels has many 100% cashmere jumpers to choose from to suit all shapes and styles. If you're not sure what to get her, why not treat her to a gift voucher that she can spend on herself online or in store!


Travel themed evening
While it's difficult to travel at the moment, we can instead bring an exciting destination home. Decorate your Mum's home in an array of items related to your travel destination of choice- print copies of the flag, cleverly DIY local artifacts and print scenes from the destination and stick them all over the walls. Prepare a drinks and food menu of local delicacies, wines and cocktails.
If you cannot be there in person, make it a Zoom party and invite everyone to be creative in their own homes. Half of the fun is seeing what other people come up with. Put the heating on high, turn up the music and let Mum dance into the night in her far flung location!

Well we hope you will like these ideas and give them a try for the Mums in your life this Mother's Day. They deserve to have a lovely day regardless of the tougher circumstances this year! Let us know how you get on! 




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