Positivity- On Staying the Course

by Les 100 Ciels Team on January 29, 2021


This time of year can be a cold and dreary one for many in Europe and especially in the UK. It can be hard to muster the energy to keep up with new year's resolutions or just generally taking care on yourself. Add into the mix, a pandemic which has stretched on for close to a year and many may find their efforts to remain positive wearing threadbare thin. 

So in light of a number of conversations on the topic of feeling a little low, we thought it was a good time to give you and all of the team at Les 100 Ciels a boost with some ideas on how to keep going when things all seem a bit hard and depressing. These are some of things we will be practising in our own lives in the coming weeks that might be helpful for you. 

Celebrating Small Wins
Did you remember to put the bin out on Rubbish Day? Did your daughter or son suddenly click when you were helping them with their school work? On days when life all seems a little hard, it is okay to count the seemingly mundane and insignificant tasks of the day as triumphs. There are small wins happening every day if you allow yourself to see and appreciate them- so go ahead and pat yourself on the back for getting out of bed!


 Share With Others

It can sometimes feel self-indulgent to share your worries or concerns with a friend or loved ones, especially when they may be having problems of their own. But if lockdowns have shown us anything, it is how important community and connection is. Being able to lean on others, express some of the difficulties in your life is a simple way to relieve some of the stress and tension. Most good friends genuinely want to be there for you and it is important to remember that often, by reaching out to another, you also allow a shared safe space for them to reach out to you as well.  


Allow yourself to have some good
Everyone needs discipline in life, so by all means, if you are doing well sticking to your goals, eating well and smashing your exercise regimes- all power to you! However, if you aren't, or find yourself berating your actions time and again, then it is a good time to remember that this is a uniquely difficult time and one where allowing a gentle and compassionate inner voice is more important than ever. Or more simply put...give yourself a break. If you want a biscuit, have a biscuit. Life is an ebb and a flow and for many- we are in the ebb and need those life pick-me-ups to keep us going. So as long as its not going to cause you or anyone else any harm, be a little more lenient with yourself and enjoy the good in your life!


Stop the comparisons
Lastly and arguably most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. Whether it be your sister, your partner or the woman you follow on Instagram, it is a huge waste of time to bother comparing how others are doing or how they are coping to your performance. Important to note, that this can also be applied to comparing yourself to others who seem to be handling things Less well than yourself. We are all juggling problems, uncertainties and worries and these often happen right alongside moments of tenderness, fun and laughter (like watching your dog slip and faceplant into his water bowl). With ups and downs happening at every moment, seeing a snapshot of someone's highs or lows is no indicator that your life if going poorly or better than others- it's just life. The more you hold on to an awareness of this the more likely you can exercise some kindness to your own humanity and stay positive in the face of this pandemic.   


We hope some of these ideas will resonate with you. Let us know how you get on. Sending love and light,

Les 100 Ciels



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