Spring Style Inspiration

by Les 100 Ciels Team on March 18, 2021

It may feel hard this year to get into the spirit of Spring fashion trends (and fashion in general for that matter) when the world is still in the throes of a pandemic. There is a comfort however, in the surety of the changing of the seasons. With it comes the belief that this too shall pass and that we move closer to better days. 

So in the spirit of Spring arrivals, here's hoping for a sense of renewal and awakening and the opportunity to start the season in a fresh, new way. We love finding Spring inspiration and we are happy to share some ideas in how to bring Spring into your home and life. 


Wolf and Moon's Margot Forest Green Earrings

It's time to start going through your wardrobe and packing away some of your heavier coats and jumpers. Rediscover blouses and lighter outerwear that can be layered for unpredictable weather. Adding some vibrant tones to your wardrobe brings Spring into your day in a light and mood-boosting way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use accessories such as a colourful scarves, bold jewellery or a bright handbag and shoes.

Prints is another fantastic choice for Spring such as wearing classic florals or pairing a bold abstract print over jeans and trousers. 


Flowers from Aforal
Spring bulbs are one of those telltale signs of Spring that can affect even the weariest or grumpiest of us. If you haven't already got bulbs sprouting in your garden (or don't have one) there are lots of supermarkets and garden centres selling affordable pre-prepared pots of bulbs or cuttings of spring flowers. Make floral or plant arrangements in key focal points to draw some of that spring colour into your home. 


Prints from Dunelm

Spring is also a great time to think about refreshing your decor in a more substantial way. A paint job to brighten up a room might be just the thing or perhaps go bold and splurge on some printed wallpaper to make a big impact. For the less dramatic or the cash strapped, a simple way to make a Spring change is to change up the bedding or throw cushions on the sofa into something a bit brighter. 


Roaseted Artichoke Recipe from Gimmesomeoven

One of our favourite ways to herald the arrival of Spring is to have a change in the kitchen. If your meals have been warming and heartier over the winter months, then a change in meals can be a great way to reset the body and palette to be more in tune with longer, warmer days. We recommend taking advantage of the fresh vegetables and fruit newly available for Spring to create meals that will refresh you going into April. A few of our favourites include asparagus and artichokes that are light and refreshing in spring. 

What are you doing to get ready for Spring? We'd love to hear any tips you have for moving into the new season. Share with us your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Spring!


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