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Life Indoors: How to take care of your plants

Life Indoors: How to take care of your plants

This week at the end of a team catch up meeting on Zoom, the conversation turned to how to bring the outdoors into our homes. Quite a few of us at Les 100 Ciels live in apartments with no garden or private outdoor space. Lots of ideas got tossed around but there was a consensus that house plants were a great way to bring calming nature into the home. So on today’s blog, we share with you tips from our staff on caring for your plants to create your very own indoor garden, (if you can’t go out to the plants, bring them in!). Read on to learn some top tips to keeping your indoor plants looking lush and beautiful.     Megan’s Tips Do research on each of your house plants and make sure you understand the needs of the particular plant as each is different. Some plants need lots of light, while others need indirect sun but lots of water. You may also want research your plants if you have pets or small children as some species can be toxic if touched or ingested. Armed with this knowledge you will be best equipped for caring for what each plant require and ...
by Les 100 Ciels Team on April 10, 2020

the finer details

Introducing the cashmere jumper to wear right now. Silva is our elegant new arrival. With craftsmanship at the heart of our cashmere, the delicate detailing of this piece will add a unique touch to your everyday wardrobe. The fine pointelle stitch along the neckline and sleeves gives a feminine feel. Pair with jeans for a feminine, off-duty look all year round. Shop here!  
by Les 100 Ciels Team on February 28, 2017

behind the seams | spring summer ’17 collection

We’re very excited to share with you a sneak peek of our upcoming Spring Summer ’17 collection. Our new collection takes inspiration from the senses and how we perceive our surrounding natural environment. For a behind-the seams look at the new collection, here are our key themes in more detail: In a world of evolving technology, from time to time we crave a simple, natural existence. In this collection we have explored a world without technology, one that is influenced by the forces of nature. This is a celebration of craftsmanship and texture that draws on the essentials of life whilst paving a way to the future. We have also explored the inter-connectivity between design, architecture, nature and culture and how they influence and work with each other. Architecture lends itself to fashion and design can take inspiration from nature- the world is unified through creativity. Our new collection will give you a foundation to your wardrobe by offering a mix of classic tailoring and a fresh take on qualities. Key pieces include wide-legged trousers, fresh cotton poplin shirts in our signature oversized silhouettes, sports-luxe jersey jackets and t-shirt dresses. Our luxurious cashmere features at the heart of every collection and ...
by Les 100 Ciels Team on January 13, 2017

Les 100 Ciels Travels

Our favourite places in Copenhagen We escaped the London hustle and bustle for a long weekend of fashion, culture and food in Copenhagen. Soon after arriving in Denmark’s capital, we understood completely why it’s renowned to be home to the happiest people on Earth. The Danish way of life is relaxed, content and wholesome, making it one of the most livable cities ever. After touching down, we stumbled across a fairy tale-esque coffee hut called Kafferiet, the makers of ‘Slow Coffee’. The barista was so friendly that we ended up staying there for over an hour listening to her talk about her favourite places in Copenhagen. Service with a smile- Kafferiet, Esplanaden, Copenhagen 1263- www.kafferiet.net For architecture lovers, Grundtvig’s Kirke in the Bispebjerg district is a structural delight and a must to visit. The lofty interior designed by Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint is beautifully serene and peaceful.           Promduti Camel 100% cashmere roll neck - Les 100 Ciels Biven high waisted trousers-  Les 100 Ciels We could have spent all day at The Botanical Gardens, roaming the magnificent Palmhouse and the Cactus rooms. A staircase spirals into the roof of the Palmhouse to a viewing platform that wraps ...
by Les 100 Ciels Team on April 17, 2015