The London Hot List – What’s on this weekend

by Les 100 Ciels Team on August 02, 2018

Well, it looks like the summer in London isn’t going anywhere for a while, so settle in and embrace it. Whether you’re planning on spending your weekend in the sun or searching for air conditioning, there’s plenty going on. If you still haven’t  decided what to do this weekend, check out our guide on where to spend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Friday – Hyde Park installation (June 19th – September 9th) 

We are expecting Friday to be the hottest day of the week, so why not spend it with some fresh air in Hyde Park while admiring the first UK outdoor artwork by 83 year old Bulgarian-born artist, Christo, titled, ‘The London Mastaba.’  Constructed using 7,506 oil barrels on a floating platform, that continues Christo’s use of barrels, a material he has used since 1958, chosen initially for its sculptural effect and low cost. This year his sculpture of an ancient Egyptian tomb reaches 20 meters high and will be part of the Serpentine Lake and its surroundings and as per Christo’s wishes, it will be free to the public, with no ticket and no owners- it will belong to everyone.

“The colours will transform with the changes in the light and its reflection on the Serpentine Lake will be like an abstract painting. All our projects are nothing to do with make-believe… it’s the real thing, with the real rain, the real wind, the real dryness, the real sun, real people — it’s not things in the museum space, an antiseptic space.” He adds: “I enjoy the real world. And all our projects, they deal with that physicality.” – Christo
Saturday – Broadway Vegan market (every Saturday 10am-4pm).

The Broadway Market is taking it to the next level with their new incredible vegan street food arriving on the scene! If you are vegan or vegetarian and you find yourself in London, don’t miss this now regular market, open every Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Currently boasting around 30 food stalls, the #Veganmarket caters for pretty much every taste or craving, so make sure you bring a few friends to sample a bit of each other’s food! To help you decide what to opt for, these are our Top choices:

I am nut ok

These spreads are exactly what we were looking for! Made with simple ingredients they are just perfect for every occasion. Coming in three main different flavours the spreads can be used on crackers, as a dip with pitta or even as a sandwich filling.  As a bonus, the names and packaging are pure genius!

  • Cashewlater – a creamy and cheesy cashew spread
  • Smokeydokey – a spicy smoked cashew cream
  • Foiegeddaboutit – a walnut and mushroom pate with truffles


We are ima

Vegan Sushi may often seem boring, but refrain your instincts by trying this delicious stall. Forget about avocado and cucumber rolls and embrace Korean BBQ sweet potato rolls or Katsu cauliflower, or even sweet chilli Tofu…



Artboard 2 copy

The well-known Hackney institution has arrived at Broadway market! If you haven’t heard of it yet, just know this brand makes delicious granola pots, that are gluten and sugar free, with ingredients that are as their name suggest all OK. Try the coconut granola pot!

Sunday – Frida Kahlo Exhibition


Take in some art this Sunday with a visit to the V&A museum for their Frida Kahlo exhibition, ‘Making Her Self Up.’ This exhibition focuses on Frida Kahlo’s possessions, some of them incredibly intimate and personal. In a life filled with pain and suffering, her works manifested and often transcended this experience revealing the courage and brilliance of this woman. Largely based on the 2004 discovery of the Mexican artist’s clothing and personal heritage in the Casa Azul (Blue House), her life-long home, this is the first time this exhibitio has been showcased outside Mexico.


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