What to wear: May-June

by Les 100 Ciels Team on May 14, 2021

When the weather is in that weird in-between stage it can be quite difficult to know what to wear. Will I be too hot? Will I be too cold? Should I wear open shoes? Can I get away with not bringing a jacket? 

Our tried and true method to help navigate the weather is to start with the temperature and then go from there. Below are a few ideas to help guide what you wear for the next two months based on the temperature. It is the most reliable method we have found for getting your wardrobe mostly right so you feel comfortable while still dressing well for the Spring.


Below 10 Degrees Celsius

Outerwear: This is a must! Think full length coats or puffer jackets.

Outfits: Your looks are similar to what you would wear in the winter- such as jumpers, trousers and skirts with tights. To make your looks more Spring appropriate, try wearing light or bright coloured cashmere knitwear. Pastel colours are a firm Spring favourite, but you could also embrace a bold tomato red or cobalt blue (hopefully matching a brilliant blue sky). A printed skirt or jacquard patterned jumper can add a warming splash of colour and personality to your look. 

Accessories: Boots, ankle boots and tights and scarves, hats and gloves are all very useful to fend off the chill. You could introduce bright hued jewellery at this point as well in a nod to the season. 

10- 15 Degrees Celsius

Outerwear: Now is a good time to move away from full length puffer coats and anything like faux fur will feel too heavy during the day. Instead wear lightweight wool coats or a slim puffer jacket. Layering light gilets under coats is also a trendy look for spring.

Outfits: Short sleeve cashmere tees, ultra lightweight sweaters. Tights and Skirts.

Accessories: Ponchos, scarves and hats. Ankle boots or trainers

15-20 Degrees Celsius

Outwear: Waterproof jackets, trench coats and lightweight wool jackets

Outfits: This is the time to bring out the lighter inner layers. Cotton shirts, silk blouses and other thin fabrics are ideal at this time. Layer with carigans If you want to wear dresses, try wearing with capri length leggings for an extra bit of warmth.

Accessories: Leave behind the socks and tights! This is a good time to bring out brogues or heels or trainers that only need a no show, liner sock. Bring along a scarf to ward off the evening chill. 

20-25 Degrees Celsius

Outerwear: Any kind of lightweight jacket- denim or blazers work well at these temperatures

Outfits: All light and airy fabrics, paired with a cardigan, lightweight poncho or scarf.

Accessories: If it is sunny or you will only be outdoors for limited hours, you can wear open toe sandals. Otherwise flats or trainers are your friends!

25 Degrees & Beyond

Outerwear: None or just a lightweight cardigan

Outfits: You are practically in summer weather! Keep it light on tops and bottoms. Cotton or cotton blends are very versatile for these temperatures.
Accessories: Hats are ideal. Open toe sandals. Sunglasses. 

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