Winter Style

by Les 100 Ciels Team on October 25, 2019

Sometimes when the weather is grey and freezing cold, the last thing on your mind is looking fashionable. It may seems a better idea to stay indoors hiding under a blanket and if you have to go out, you contemplate taking the blanket with you! Winter style doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. We’ve got a few tips to see you through the winter months looking your best.

Our number one tip is to invest in warm  jumpers. With the arrival of fast fashion, lots of cute and cheap styles are available but while they might be nice to look at, they probably won’t last the winter and they definitely won’t help keep off the winter chill. Instead, invest in high quality fibres which are known to be warming like wool and cashmere. These are made of long natural fibres which work to retain the heat close to the body. We also recommend going for some classic colours such as grey, navy or black. These can act as the foundation of your wardrobe and be easily matched with other items of clothing.

long johns

Our next tip is thermals. You would be forgiven if thermals bring to mind 1940s men wearing longjohns- not the most attractive thought! But it’s fair to say that thermal garments have come a long way and new technology means there are lots of great options on the market. They can be worn as tights or a worn under a chunky jumper for a layered look. Thermals also come in lots of colours so you can add a pop of colour to your look while keeping very warm. Yay!

white coat

Probably one of the easiest ways to look fashionable without making much effort is investing in outerwear. The options are plenty- from puffer jackets to trench coats, coatigans (yes, that’s a real thing! It’s a mix of a cardigan and a coat),and there are plenty of long and short coats in unique cuts to suit all women. The key is to think about your lifestyle and your particular style. If you work in a corporate environment, a good choice for you might be a longline, classic coat that can be versatile but still look smart for formal occasions. However if you spend a lot of time outdoors you probably will be looking for something that’s more waterproof and warming!


jacquard jumper

Next up, footwear. The lack of weather appropriate footwear is the downfall to many fashionable women. There is nothing as horrible as looking fabulous but having soaking wet and freezing feet- a reality for a lot of women in UK. We believe there is sweet balance to be found with a fashionable shoe that also works practically for your needs. A knee high boot is stylish and can elevate an outfit, but so can a patent brogue. It all depends on the weather where you live and your taste! Having a few pairs of shoes to choose from is a good idea to mix and match your looks.


Finally accessories are your best friend in the winter. When you are bundled up from head to toe, sometimes an accessory is just the thing to lift an entire outfit. We take the term accessory to have a broad meaning covering jewellery to hat, scarves, belts, bags, even an umbrella. Try a few ideas out and don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Have you get any tips for fabulous winter style? Let us know in the comments section below.




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