Eating with the Seasons

by Les 100 Ciels Team on September 25, 2020

With the steady decline in temperature and trees slowly starting to lose their leaves, we mark the transition into the Autumn months. One of our favourite months, Autumn reminds us of the life cycle of all things including ourselves. With its arrival, we can slow down and embrace shorter and darker days and take time for more rest and contemplation.   

Embracing eating with the seasons all year round means eating foods that have naturally matured and ripened on the tree or vine and then brought to market as fresh as possible. It is a simple way to tune into the environment and move in it in a kinder way. 

There's also the benefit of supporting your local farmers and particularly in this difficult 2020 year, if more people buy ingredients locally it can make a huge impact on the economy.

So with these thoughts in mind, here are some fruit and veg that are in season at this time of year. As the weather turns cooler, its nice to eat warming dishes with heartier ingredients to fend off the cold so we've also included a few links to healthy and wholesome recipes for Autumn. 

mage: Cucumber Pickling from Great British Chefs

We'll start off with some of our favourite ways to use the last of the summer fruit and vegetables to avoid waste and stretch them into the Autumn. Many people may have a glut of cucumbers or tomatoes from their gardens at this time of year and in need of a few novel ideas for their use. Pickling veggies is not only a fun activity but a wonderful homemade gift for friends. Here's a link to try it at home yourself. You can also chop or puree tomatoes and berries, then bag and freeze them. This is so handy for busy days, when they can be quickly defrosted and thrown into soups, curries or smoothies later in the year. 

Image: Pumpkin Soup from BBC Food

Hearty vegetables such as pumpkins and squash become widely available this month. These can make the most delicious soups and are also a wonderful alternative to traditional starches such as potatoes and rice. Here is a fantastic recipe that is full of flavour and a comforting meal. Roasted pumpkin and squash with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and some cinnamon is also a go-to and so easy in the oven. 

Image from BBC Food

There are a variety of fruits to choose from at this time of year. Bramley apples, pears and figs are all coming into season. Blackberries are still widely available. Perfect for snacking, but also ideal for making scrumptious desserts and jams there are loads of ideas to choose from. We are looking forward to making this apple and blackberry tart!

Here are a few other fruit and vegetables that are coming into season now for September/ October in the UK:

Red Currants
Wild Mushrooms

 We hope these have given you some ideas for your own kitchen. Let us know if you have any other tips for Autumn meals!



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