How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

by Les 100 Ciels Team on January 03, 2020

A new year and a new decade has begun and with it comes new hopes and aspirations for the year ahead! It is a traditional point of reflection and an opportunity to contemplate all that you have held on to and also what you may no longer need. New year’s resolutions are infamous for being short lived and this can often lead to a feeling of disappointment and distress at a lack of progress. This year we encourage you to take a simpler and kinder approach to your new year’s resolutions with some easy tips to help you achieve success! 

Keep your resolutions list short and simple

By far one of the best ways to keep resolutions is to keep them simple and to not have too many of them. One meaningful resolution can make a much stronger impact than making 10 resolutions that will be harder to stick to. Also when your resolutions are straightforward they are much easier to implement vs a complicated resolution with multiple parts and interpretations. 

Make achievable resolutions

There is no point in making goals and resolutions that are completely unrealistic. If you have struggled to keep up with your resolutions, perhaps this year is the time to reflect on making ones which are achievable and in a timeframe that is manageable. For example, perhaps one of your resolutions is to lose 60 pounds by March and to go from not exercising at all to exercising 7 days a week. This resolution is possible but it is quite an extreme change in lifestyle which means there is more chance that you won’t keep up with this resolution. Making unachievable resolutions, sets you up to fail and will leave you feeling disheartened and more likely to give up. Instead create achievable resolutions which are realistic and take into account your status now. These will lead to more chances of success and motivate you to keep going with your aim through the year.  

Tell others about your resolutions and goals

Once you have shared your resolutions with others, there is an added element of accountability and responsibility to keep going with a resolution for the year. Ask your friends and family to follow up with your progress throughout the year and don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need some encouragement. Sharing both the good and the bad parts of your resolution journey can be an incredibly motivating factor in keeping resolutions. 

Accept that failure happens

There will be occasions when you go off track. It is inevitable that things will come up in life that may lead to you not keeping your resolutions. Awareness of this is a tool to accept that these things happen and to keep going. Be kind to yourself and try to see these setbacks as a part of the process and carry on. 

Reward yourself

Things going well? Reward yourself. It is important to celebrate small milestones as you progress with your resolutions to keep feeling motivated and as a reminder of how far your have come. The rewards can be as small or large as you like, from simply reflecting on doing well with a friend to buying yourself that much sought after bottle of perfume. Remember that resolutions involve looking at the good days just as much as looking at the ones needing improvement!

Imagine your future self

It may help to spend a little time each month to imagine what life would look like when you have achieved your resolutions.  This is a fantastic way to stay motivated and keep a firm grip on why you started with a particular resolution to begin with. While imagining yourself meeting all your resolutions, take some time to add the details of what you would be doing, how you feel once the resolutions in your life are completed and also significantly, what new paths and opportunities would open up if all your resolutions were achieved? 

We hope these tips are helpful for sticking with your resolutions this year. Remember to strive for a balance between discipline and self-compassion. No endeavour worth attempting is ever a straight and simple line so embrace the ups and downs as part of the experience.

We hope 2020 will be a wonderful year for you!



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