The Times

by Les 100 Ciels Team on April 17, 2014
“Brand to brush up on : Les 100 Ciels
The classy cashmere brand from France that’s both classic and bold has arrived in London in good time for spring/summer
After a stint of 16 years as the head of design at Joseph, Camille Serra was looking for a new challenge. One would imagine that few things are more challenging than deciding to launch a new fashion brand from Paris that relies on a herd of goats in Inner Mongolia. Undeterred, however, Serra launched Les 100 Ciels in 2009 – which when you say it properly in French (all together now: lay-song-see-ell) translates to “the essentials”.
If you look at the line- up for Les 100 Ciels spring/summer collection, then you quickly realise that Serra’s idea of the bread and butter of dressing equals cashmere, and lots of it. Hence the goats. While Serra and her design team are based in Paris, the brand draws on Asian heritage and takes inspiration from Chinese poetry, focusing on the idea of infinity and timelessness – and another reason behind the brand’s poetic name.”

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