Top Picks- Frieze Art Fair

by Les 100 Ciels Team on October 20, 2017

Frieze art fair, the art world’s version of Fashion week is dedicated to bringing together all forms of contemporary art. It also acts as a source of inspiration for those passionate about art and design.

Presenting the work of emerging and internationally established artists, Frieze also gives a voice to prevalent topics and debates, becoming the most significant week in London’s cultural calendar.

With such a large range of installations and artwork being displayed, we have created a selection of our personal favourites! Read on to discover more.

Yuki Kimura

Kimura’s work uses imagery to explore the relationship between depicted and actual space, showing consideration of the viewer as a medium inbetween the imagery and situations that they may encounter. The “Katsura” installation is an exploration of themes such as time and dimension in concurrence to the present space where the installations have been placed.



Billie Zangewa

From a new series called “Love and Happiness”, five angular tapestries, created from refused silk, depict diaristic scenes of everyday life in which Zangewa herself features frequently. Seeking to articulate the female experience, both personal and universal, displaying her own intersectional identity as a black woman living in South Africa




Sex Work

New for 2017, this section features nine solo presentations from leading female artists (such as Betty Tompkins, Penny Slinger and Marilyn Minter) working at the extreme edges of feminist practice during the 70’s and 80’s, all sharing a focus on explicit sexual iconography combined with radical political agency. “Sex Work” pays homage to artists who transgressed sexual mores, gender norms and were frequently the object of censorship.




Frieze has definitely become a key cultural entertainment event and a space where you can express yourself and share ideas, helping make London the great artistic centre that it is!


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